Friday, January 7, 2011

About me

Ugh, I've forgotten it!

My name is Luis F., I'm a Spaniard from Spain, MSc in Maths, programmer since 1999 (with all those unuseful certifications from Sun and Microsoft), former information security auditor (CISA, CISM certified), former enterpreneur (please, don't try to create an enterprise in Spain, don't try) and Masters in Quant Finances.

I love computer programming. I'm earning money programming computers and making people enjoy the art of dealing with computers.

I love Maths. I would like to make money with Maths.

I'm turning into Quant Analyst (to manage my money) because computer programming has no secrets, and has no new challenges for me.

That's all. I will no tell you anything about my family and hobbits, because they are too valuable to share with you (remember, I don't know who you are, your intentions...).

But, if you want more information on the algortihms, or you would like to investigate with me (and get rich, of course), email me. Don't worry.

Ah, and I'm happy.


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